Workbooks are valuable companions in the process of transition and self-discovery. These workbooks are designed to guide your approach to:

  • Embrace insights and challenges along the path
  • Provide methods to extract the several layers in self-discovery
  • Provoke the need for attention and consistency towards progress

Grieve yourself to accept the past, navigate the present and create focus for the future…GREIVE ME GUIDE

Create more resources for yourself by expanding on the resources you have…EXPRESSIVE GRATITUDE GUIDE
Speak honestly to yourself…BANISH NEGATIVE SELF-TALK
Protect your recovery…RED FLAGS in RECOVERY


Posing thought provoking questions to yourself helps you realize: your approaches to life, your patterns, your intentions. 

As you explore more about the person you are, you will begin to shift your focus from the things distracting you, and become more aligned with things you would like to change.

Exploring yourself with this self-discovery approach allows you to:

  • Take an inventory of your resources
  • Identify the places you would like improve
  • Detail the thoughts that challenge you towards action
  • Elaborate on ideas that may serve your goals

Consider the below questions to motivate thoughts and actions towards your transition each day:

  • What is the one thing that I am grateful for, yet often take for granted?
  • How does Negative Self-Talk influence the connection I have with myself?
  • On a scale of 1 – 10, where am I when it comes to being calm and centered in challenging situations?

You may not know yet, so ask..20 Self-Discovery Gems


Affirmations are statements designed to influence self-discovery.                      These powerful tools for change create the opportunity to:

  • Provide inspiration for your goals
  • Detail the feelings of moving towards transition
  • Serve as reminders to select thoughts and actions that will bring you closer to your intentions
  • Promote positive mindsets

“I am capable to achieve the things I want by staying calm and driven”

15 Daily Affirmations for Self Discovery


Gratitude is a proven and widely explored technique in recovery and self-discovery. Gratitude provides a positive foundation to influence your mindset. Create the opportunity for your resources to:

  • Extract existing resources to create more resources
  • Plan actions towards specific goals
  • Design a strategy towards the person you would like to become

Explore these provocative prompts and dedicate time and thought into how these statements can infuse your discovery.

Things to be grateful for:

  • Knowing intuitively what serves me and what harms me
  • Remembering one of my favorite moments
  • The condition of my body to help me throughout the day

Provocative Gratitude for inspiration…25 Provocative Gratitude Prompts

Recovery Resources

Mindfulness mediation is a powerful tool acknowledge your present mind body state.   COMING SOON:

  • Realize your body and breath in the present moment
  • Breathe out clutter thoughts and breath in calm
  • Affirm you are worthy of a patient approach to yourself
  • Accept your present as a force for self- discovery

Download this five minute meditation and explore daily at a time of self-care.  Make it a priority during times of connection and during times of challenge.

Calming the Clutter Meditation: COMING SOON